What types of travel services do you offer?

We handle all aspects of a trip — from the moment you walk out the door until you return home. These services include:

USA Office:
  • Air reservations
  • Accommodations
  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises and Adventure Tours
  • Western Union and Bill Pay Services
Ghana Office:
  • Visas
  • Passport Services
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship, Work and Travel Abroad Packages
  • SEVIS Fee Payment
  • Corporate & Government Travel Services

We are available 365/24-7.

Why should I book my travel with you?

A professional travel advisor is your best asset manager for travel nowadays if your time is limited. Professional advisors offer traveling clients three elements essential to a personalized, well-crafted and well-executed travel experience:  expertise, connections and customized service.  We bring you into our network of destination experts, premier hoteliers, resorts and private villas, in-country specialty touring operators and top-rated guides.  And we grant you preferential access to perks, amenities, connections and behind-the-scene opportunities.  We make sure that each trip you embark upon is intentionally planned, and matched to your purpose, priorities and budget. That way your precious time is leveraged into priceless memories and your investment is maximized. In short, we help you to plan and realize the journey of a lifetime, every time. 

Do you have any specialties or niches in travel planning?

We can book any type of trip, of any duration, including simple last-minute hotel reservations for business purposes or impromptu weekends away.

We specialize in wellness travel, sustainable travel, adventure travel, family and multigenerational trips, as well as international destinations. Whether your trip is a sun-and-sand getaway, weekend escape, group tour, volunteer tour, special occasion celebration, cruise, slow travel, event-based travel, business travel, bucket-list travel, culinary travel, art and cultural immersion trip, or a pilgrimage, we can make your dreams a reality.

How do you plan my trip?

Once we’ve determined your trip scope, budget and components, you’ll receive a proposed itinerary that may or may not offer a range of options in each service category.  As we discuss and you make your selections toward completing your itinerary, it’s time to move ahead with ‘goalpost’ purchases (e.g., flights, tour deposits, insurance). Reservations are confirmed, deposited upon and/or paid in full, with us acting as your intermediary for all deposits, final payments, and documentation from all service providers. You’ll receive a detailed final itinerary, usually in both a mobile-enabled format as well as travel documents in paper form.  During the weeks prior to your departure, we stay in touch with both you and the service providers in your destination(s) to build anticipation and cover off all the small but critical logistical details.  

What type of payment do you accept?

We recommend using a credit card in most every instance. Most vendors accept widely recognized bank-issued cards (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners Club, and Discover).  Using a credit card typically offers you the opportunity to dispute charges and receive credits in the event of a vendor ceasing operations, or for cancellations for covered reasons.  Many credit cards also offer elements of trip protection, so it is always important to know your card membership benefits, rules & restrictions. 

Do you troubleshoot issues if I encounter problems while I’m travelling?

We are always available to provide advice, support, and to assist with itinerary changes, additions and glitches. Depending on the matter, we will either handle it ourselves, or direct you to the emergency support contacts on the ground.  If the matter involves air reservations and we have booked your air for you, we will contact our 24/7 support desk.  In some cases additional fees may apply.

Can you help me with passports and visas?

If traveling internationally, every passenger must have a valid passport, ideally with an expiration date later than six months from projected return date of the trip. Depending on your destination(s) and nationality, visas may be required.  We typically request and maintain on file copies of all passports from our clients and are available to assist clients with advice on procuring new or renewal passports as well as requisite visas in a timely manner.  We also work with expedited service providers for passport and visa processing for short-notice situations for an additional fee. 

Do you recommend travel insurance?

We encourage all our clients to consider purchasing protection from unforeseen events during any type of trip, domestic or international (but especially international travel).  We offer a wide range of products through insurance partners. Your investment in vacation travel is a precious asset like any else that you would insure.  Many trips require deposits and full prepayment. 


  • Whether your health insurance covers you outside of the U.S.
  • What you would do if you couldn’t depart on your travels due to sudden family illness, an accident or a natural disaster in your destination.
  • How you would manage without your clothing and medications for several days.
  • The added costs of flight cancellations and missed connections. 

Travel insurance offers standard protections (with many add-on options) in the events of trip cancellation, delay, baggage delay and loss, theft, emergency medical (accident/illness) and more.

Do you want us to call you back?

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