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Corporate travel planning can be as tedious, or exciting, as you make it. Femon Travel has the experience of travelling for work —it’s what we do! You can trust us with the best inventive insider tips to beat the business trip blues.

We know it: you go where your business sends you. Sometimes corporate travel means heading out to buzzing metropolis—Guangzhou, Munich, Dubai, São Paulo, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, London and the list go on and on.

Sometimes it means smaller, more regional destinations like, Around Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa etc though the international cities may seem more exciting, that’s in part because you know them better, even if you’ve never visited them.

A discerning business traveler can find engaging activities and special experiences whenever work takes them.

We will ensure your comfort during your Business

Femon Travel may prefer taking our business traveler to restaurants we would go to on our own – preferably ones that serve the local specialty. (But perhaps rethink your food stand-as-conference room plan.) We can find short walking tours and or small museums you can squeeze in between meetings, such as a historian-led house tour. For destinations you have the greatest interest in, we can add an extra day (or several) at the beginning or end of your business trip: spend it on a day trip outside the city or a full-day at your favorite sight in town.

Smooth out the transit experience: the trouble of registering for the Transportation Security Administration’s Pre-check program is more than made up for by the future convenience. Stick to a single carry-on suitcase and get your packing strategies down to a routine. And always, always book a nonstop direct flight whenever possible. Maintaining a loyalty account with a specific (or several) airlines and hotel chains will add up in perks and free stays. Ask for upgrades and you often get them—especially if you are dressed to impress in business-appropriate attire. 
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Why Use Femon Travel

Corporate Travel booking for your business can be time-consuming, and with so many fares, routes, and different carriers out there, it’s hard to know if you are getting the best deal when it comes to your employees’ travel itineraries.

Using Femon Travel for your corporate travel can help you save time and money, in addition to offering you the below advantages. Looking for a corporate travel agency partner? Contact us to learn more about the corporate travel solutions we can offer your company!

The Benefits

Extensive Travel Resources for Corporate Travel
Femon Travel will ensure business travelers access to their complete itinerary, in addition to any extra information they may need on their destination. This information may include:

Femon Travel will have access to discounts when it comes to hotels, flights, and airport transfers. Femon Travel works with a large load of clients and therefore has established relationships with certain travel brands.

Discounted prices are not the only advantage that comes from these relationships; other advantages include flight upgrades, free hotel breakfasts, room upgrades, and VIP check-in.. These are just a few of the extra advantages you can receive when booking through Femon Travel.
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